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Palutena vs icarus - 4 - Icarus vs rapido

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palutena パルテナ palutena is a playable character in super smash bros ultimate officially confirmed on june 12th 2018 palutena is classified as fighter 54.

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palutenas guidance is based upon the conversations pit would have with other characters throughout kid icarus uprising the dialogue appears on the bottom screen during gameplay which is.

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medusa メデューサ medyūsa is the goddess of darkness and reoccurring villainess of the kid icarus series prior to her banishment to the underworld by palutena due to her evil deeds against humanity she coruled with the goddess of light.

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kid icarus uprising takes place in a world loosely based on greek mythology and is set 25 years after the events of the first game pit an angel serving the goddess of light palutena is sent on missions against the goddess of darkness medusa who threatens to destroy humanity.

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palutena has heard what the new smasher joker can do to divine beings as a divine being herself she has a vested interest in staying on his good side and she knows exactly how to make sure the phantom thief steals her heart.

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